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Jun 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Lead Article

Welcome to Harrisburg High, a kaleidoscope of light, and life, and laughter, and leadership, and listening…but most of all…learning,  the luminescence of colliding thoughts and ideas and actions and personality and daily growth.  Each turn of the ‘scope, a welcome new perspective, a question that leads to many more, a look of wonder on what is and can be created.  The infinite patterns of the kaleidoscope match the unlimited possibilities realized and yet to be filled at Harrisburg High.  Come take a look…

Academic Mission – The academic mission of the Harrisburg High School is to afford students the opportunity to become independent decision-makers.  To reach this expectation, students will become creative problem-solvers, informed and responsible citizens, quality communicators, curious observers, 21st century prepared consumers, and appreciative participants of fine arts and wellness.  This mission directs pedagogical direction by identifying the unifying ideas as the culmination of every lesson and learning moment:

Graduates will prove they have become informed and independent decision-makers with a capstone experience that supports their development as creative problem-solvers(Mathematics), growth as informed and responsible citizens(Social Science), skill as quality communicators(Communication Arts),  progress as a curious observer(Science), 21st century prepared consumers(CTE) and appreciative participants(Fine Arts and Wellness).

Staff and students respect a school culture that focuses on good choices and good intentions.