Performing Arts Center (PAC)

“A Performance can take place anywhere, but when you have venues like these it adds a touch of class and a bit of magic to your evening.”

pac_main_page_2013Please come join us and enjoy any of our three beautiful venues for a Harrisburg Fine Arts concert, stage production, or other performing event regularly offered throughout the year. Our dedicated performance spaces are both beautiful and flexible and can accommodate various audience sizes. We are pleased to offer our three Performing Arts Centers to public and private groups interested in rental for their events. In addition to concerts and theatrical productions the well equipped and maintained venues and staff can be configured to support events such as dance concerts, competitions, traveling productions, large group meetings, movie screenings, festivals, pageants, and more.

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NOTE- We want your event to be a smashing success, so please give as much detail as possible regarding your events needs in the reservations process

For Specific Needs or Questions or to set up an office hours appointment about your event please contact Performing Arts Centers Manager, Amanda Berg.

Contact:  Amanda Berg, Theater Manager
Phone:  605-743-2567 (ext. 5018)

High School PAC Technical Data

-Playing Space:
x ft deep Proscenium with Thrust Stage with x ft opening offering approx x ft available with Grand curtain closed
-Direct access to Thrust Stage via Stage Left and Right Holding Areas
-Two Balcony Spaces Directly with access from Holding Areas directly below
(picture and diagram)
-Fly and Curtain System:
     1 Main or Grand Curtain (Black)
     1 Midstage Traveling Curtain (Black)
     3 Leg and Teasers Combination Curtains- Down Stage, Mid Stage, Up Stage (Black)
     1 Cyclorama Curtain (White Muslin)
     1 Back Traveling Curtain (Black)
-3 Flying Electrical Battons — 61′ Pipe Length each with integrated Circuits
-3 Acoustic Cloud Sound Reinforcements with Integrated Lighting
-Total Seating: 697 with 6 ADA Openings 3 House left and 3 House Right