The Harrisburg School District Education Foundation is the philanthropic partner with the Harrisburg School District. We support all schools, students and staff in the District by aligning charitable gifts with projects that need funding to provide enhanced educational opportunities. We promote excellence in education by forging relationships between the District, alumni, community and local businesses.

HSD Education Foundation

The District welcomed 76 new teachers in August 2023 and each received a $250 check from the HSD Education Foundation. This support empowers them to create engaging classrooms for their students and Tigerize their wardrobes as we start a new year!

The Education Foundation Supports the Entire Harrisburg School District.


Choose your method of giving:

  • Check, Credit Card or Payroll Deduction

    • A 3% fee is deducted from credit card donations.

  • Checks can mailed to PO Box 187, Harrisburg, SD 57032 c/o the HSD Education Foundation

  • One-time Gift, Monthly, Quarterly,

    or Annually

Donate to the:

Gifts to the Harrisburg School District Education Foundation are Tax Deductible.

Annual Fund Drive

First Time Teacher Grants

  • The Education Foundation provides first-year teachers with grant monies to purchase materials for their classroom.

Student Success Fund

  • Social workers in the District work closely with students and families in need. The Student Success Fund is used to meet emergency needs of students and families in crisis.

Endowment Fund

The Harrisburg School District Education Foundation has an endowment established with the South Dakota Community Foundation. Donations to the endowment are placed in a long-term investment pool. Each year, a portion of the fund’s average fair market value can be used to support the following:

  • Special Projects Supporting Excellence in Teaching & Learning

  • Supporting Innovative Programs

  • Professional Development for Educators

  • Educational Enrichment Activities for Students

  • Culture & Cohesion Experiences for Staff

    and/or Students

  • Pre-School Education

Recognition of Donors

Thank you to these donors for their generous support of the HSD Education Foundation; their contribution is helping us provide quality education and opportunities for the students in our Harrisburg community.

Special Recognition Levels

Donor Levels

Foundation Members

Linda Dunham | President | The Dunham Group
Daren Ketcham | Vice President | Legacy Developments
Superintendent Tim Graf | Past President | Harrisburg School District 
JoAnne VerMulm | Secretary | Harrisburg School District 

Trent Bruce | DGR Engineering 
Jay Hutton | Harrisburg School Board 
Mike Knudson | Harrisburg School Board 
Amber Langner | Sanford Health
Breanne Lynch | Harrisburg School District 

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