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Why Us

Academic Offerings

The Harrisburg District provides a wide range of academic programming to meet the needs of students wherever they may be.

Career-Ready Students

HHS provides career development opportunities for all learners.

Find Your Passion

Students can find their passion and interests in a variety of clubs, fine arts, athletics, and student organizations throughout their K-12 experience.

Meeting Students' Academic, Social & Emotional Needs

The Harrisburg School District is committed to addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students while preparing them for college, career, and life-readiness.


crowd - Jon Klemme

"Harrisburg High School has the best football crowd in AAA and it isn't even close"

- ESPN Sioux Falls


"Harrisburg School District ranks as the best for student success in South Dakota"

- 24/7 Wall St. Website (2021)