summer 2022

Students Joining HHS Over the Summer - Welcome!

Harrisburg High School is happy to welcome you as one of our newest Tigers! If you have completed the registration process with our District Office Registrar,  please review the following information and complete ALL steps to ensure that you receive your class schedule and iPad on New Student Orientation Day.

Choose Your Pathway


Learning Pathways

The Harrisburg School District believes that every student can be a successful learner, although the path each one takes may be different. The District supports our learners through a variety of programs designed to meet them where they are and guide them to a successful entrance into continuing two-year or four-year education programs or with the skills they need to enter workforce.

There are two main pathways - Traditional and Customized Learning. Students must choose the pathway they feel best suits them.


learn about pathways

Once you have reviewed the two main learning pathways, please the pathway that best suits you and fill out the linked form below with your decision. This will determine how your class schedule is constructed, so it is important this is completed as soon as possible.

learn about pathways

Save the Date


New Student Orientation Day

You will have a one-on-one appointment with your Counselor to review your schedule on New Student Orientation Day (August 8th or 9th), tour the building, and pick up your iPad device. Mark your calendar, and stay turned for further information via email/text message as we get closer to August.

august 8-9

save the date

Final Check


Device Fee Payment

All students receive a learning device (iPad). A device fee must be paid prior to receiving the device on August 8th/9th. Payment is made through MySchoolBucks. Device payment can be made after July 1.
View the Technology Use Handbook

device fee payment

Did You Choose Your Learning Pathway?

If you didn't choose your learning pathway as indicated in Step 1 on the left, we will not have been able to create a class schedule for you by August 8th/9th. Please be sure this step has been completed.

you're all set

Frequently Asked Questions

Harrisburg High School Counselors

Dana Bigge

Customized Learning, Grades 11-12

Mikell Hebig

Traditional Learning, Grades 10-12, Last Name A-K

Aryca Lothrop

Customized Learning, Grade 10

Sophie Pettinger

Customized & Traditional Learning, Grade 9

Leigh Thelen

Traditional Learning, Grades 10-12, Last Name L-Z