summer school

students are required to attend one session for all three weeks

students are highly encouraged to attend both sessions for all three weeks

The Schedule



daily sessions

3 weeks

For Customized Learning (CL) Students

Customized Learning (CL) students who are finishing courses from the 21-22 school year can register for summer school to work with teachers on coursework completion. Students will be required to attend one session every day for all three weeks, or until coursework is completed. Attending both sessions is highly recommended in order to complete a course in three weeks. Students completing CL coursework can not register to start a new Edgenuity course.

All incomplete CL core courses are available for completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edgenuity Full-Semester Courses (0.5 Credit)

All students have the opportunity to recover take a full semester course online through Edgenuity. Edgenuity courses are for credit recovery. In other words, you must have failed a course in order to take an Edgenuity course online for credit recovery. The only exception is Personal Finance, which is the only course offered for credit advancement.

  • Students will be required to attend one session every day for all three weeks.

  • Attending both sessions is highly recommended in order to complete a course in three weeks.

  • If students can not attend all three weeks of summer school they will not be eligible to take a course on Edgenuity.

  • Students who miss more than two days will be removed from the course.

  • Students will be given their log-in information and added to Edgenuity courses on Monday, May 23rd and after completing the registration form below.

What is Edgenuity?

Edgenuity is a curriculum platform that will allow the student a chance to recover credits from past semesters while maintaining progress towards projected graduation dates. The State Department of Education, our School Board, administration and faculty have endorsed this offer of instruction. Special Education staff are not available to provide IEP services.  Online courses are 0.5 credits. Please note the NCAA does not accept Edgenuity credit on transcripts for any core courses (English, Math, Science, Social Science).

How is Edgenuity Graded?

Grading follows the normal HHS guidelines as per student handbook.  The cumulative exam may only be taken when all coursework is complete. The course grade score will be recorded as the course grade on the student’s official transcript.  All work, including the unit exams and cumulative exam, must be completed by 2:30 pm Thursday, June 9th.  Students will receive a failing grade submitted to the official transcript if online coursework is not complete. Because online work is intense, students may only register for one online course during the summer session.

Credit Recovery Courses

Math Courses

English Courses

Social Science Courses

Science Courses

Algebra I S1 & S2

English I Lit

World Geography

Biology S1 & S2

Geometry S1 & S2

English II Lit

World History

Chemistry S1 & S2

Algebra II S1 & S2

English III Lit

US History S1 & S2

Environmental Science S1 & S2

Consumer Math S1 & S2

English IV Lit

American Government

Physical Science S1 & S2



*No English Comp Offered

Course Advancement

  • Personal Finance is the only course offered for course advancement.

iPad/MacBook Use Over the Summer

All students are able to keep their device over the summer by completing the following:

  • Damage/warranty inspection by tech staff during TAP

  • Pay user device fee to keep the device over the summer (applies to 22-23 School Year)

    • $30 iPad Device User Fee, $50 MacBook Device Use Fee



Registration needs to be completed by Thursday, May 19th along with the device user fee.