customized learning

The Harrisburg School District believes that every student can be a successful learner, although the path each one takes may be different. The District supports our learners through a variety of programs designed to meet them where they are and guide them to a successful entrance into continuing two-year or four-year education programs or with the skills they need to enter workforce.

There are two main pathways - Traditional and Customized Learning. Other specialized courses and programs are available for qualifying populations of students.

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Traditional Learning

What is Traditional Learning?

The Traditional Learning (TL) program is similar to what most people probably think of when they recall their own high school classroom experience. Teachers lead a majority of the lessons, discussions, and learning. Assessments and class activities have final due dates, and late work may have a negative effect on grades. Learners move at the pace of the teacher and the class regardless of mastery of content. Acceleration and remediation opportunities are limited.

Conceptual, regular, and advanced classes offered in Math, English, and Science. Core classes consist of learners in the same pathway.

Customized Learning

What is Customized Learning?

Teachers in the Customized Learning (CL) program facilitate mostly small group and individualized instruction with large group activities and discussion as needed. Teachers provide a timeline for completing a course within one semester or one year, and learners are allowed to move through content at a flexible pace. Learners are given more choice in demonstrating learning and are required to prove mastery before moving forward with new content. Acceleration and remediation as needed.

Conceptual, regular, and advanced classes offered in Math, English, and Science. Core classes consist of learners in the same pathway.

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Specialized Programming for Qualifying Students

Special Education

  • All student IEP’s are continued in the HS in all programs

  • Students are assigned to Grade-Level Special Education Teachers

  • Students have access to multiple Special Education Aides

  • Students can be added to Special Education through TAT process

LEAP High (Learning Environment for Alternative Placement)

  • Alternative School Setting

  • Students are referred to this pathway for multiple reasons:

    • Credit Recovery

    • Medical Needs

    • Behavioral Issues

    • Anxiety

    • Alternative setting

  • This pathway is for Juniors and Seniors, exceptions do occur

  • Located west of the High School on Campus

AP & Dual Credit Courses

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Courses can be taken throughout HS Career

  • Credits earned at the College & High School Level

  • Delivered in a variety of forms:

    • Taught by HHS Staff

    • Online

    • On-Campus (Augie, USD Community College)

  • AP = Requires passing a final exam with a score of 3+

  • DC = Requires passing the course with an C or higher

  • Courses have final testing and ending dates

  • Half of the AP test will be covered by the District

Dual Credit

  • ForJuniors and Seniors.

  • HHS will pay for half the tuition cost for dual credit courses offered at HHS.

  • Students must meet Board of Regents requirements.

  • More information is available upon request