Birdies on the Course

With the girls’ golf season just beginning, many must wonder how it will play out. The head coach, Kali Gottsleben, who is also a teacher at Freedom Elementary, expanded on the hardest tasks and major responsibilities that she experiences as a leader of her team: “As a coach, one of the biggest struggles is watching your girls not shoot as low as they’d like at a tournament when they’ve put so much work towards their golf game at practice and on their own. While this teaches the girls humility, it can be difficult to watch, but that’s why we show up the next day at practice ready to work hard and fix our mistakes from the day before!” The main goals of the season include the following: have fun, work hard, and reach the state championship. There are ten girls that participate on this year’s team; last year just six competed. One of them, Reese Jansa, a freshman varsity player for the sports team, explained her biggest inspiration for the sport. She stated, “My biggest inspiration for the sport is either my mom or dad because they show me how to be a great player towards others, while also learning the importance of the game and still having fun.” The girls’ first tournament took place at Spring Creek Golf Course in Harrisburg on Thursday, April 18th; the State AA Golf Tournament will take place at Cattail Crossing Golf Course in Watertown, June 3rd-4th. With willpower, a big swing, and a boost of confidence, this season is sure to be one worth remembering.