Training New Tigers at HHS

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, staff at Harrisburg High School prepare to wrap up the current year and welcome next year’s incoming freshmen. Incoming students face many challenges while transitioning into high school. Kelly Andrews, high school freshmen counselor, states, “I think one of the challenges incoming freshmen face as they transition to the high school is how they handle the freedom they are given.” Teachers work on helping incoming students feel as comfortable as possible during their switch from middle school to high school. Staff at Harrisburg High have many strategies they utilize to help the incoming students make a comfortable switch; however, the students themselves play a big part in this process. Teachers encourage students to get involved with activities such as clubs, extra-curriculars, and other organizations. Andrews explains, “We utilize our TAP program, mentor teachers, tutors, and classroom teachers to make connections with students in order to help them feel comfortable here at Harrisburg High School.” She also notes the major difference between middle school and high school: maturity and creativity. With our district’s two different pathways, traditional learning and customized learning, often times students struggle with choosing what one is best for their learning. Andrews says, “We also try our hardest to educate parents and learners on the learning pathways via large group meetings, videos, handouts, and individual meetings.” Teachers always encourage students to do what is best for their learning; therefore, students are welcome to talk to teachers, counselors, and parents to find the most fitting option. Both Andrews and the high school staff enjoy preparing students succeed at Harrisburg High School.