Leading the Way

 Every corporation has a leader that leads the workers in the right direction. In our case, it’s our principals; Mr. Ryan Rollinger, the Harrisburg High school principal, has always enjoyed his job with the students, but this year he had to accommodate his biggest freshman class ever. A total of 312 freshmen students flooded the doors on the first day of school, but Rollinger reports that “so far this year the freshmen have adjusted very well to the transition from middle to high school.” Leading off of that, he explains that his most challenging part of his job is “keeping up with the growth of the district.” Lastly, he offers advice to students based on his experience as both a teacher and principal in the district: “Take advantage of all that HHS has to offer. Try new things, be curious, and find something you have a passion for.”

Two assistant principals round out the administration team to make life at here at Harrisburg High School run smoothly. Mrs. Kay Bass, one of our assistant principals, previously taught high school science. She reports, “I’m enjoying my role as a full-time assistant principal position, but I will dearly miss being in the classroom with students.” Mr. Seamer, who was previously a principal at McCook Central before joining the Harrisburg team, says that his job all started with “the energy and enthusiasm that the students bring.” Seamer continued that every teacher and staff play a part in making the school the best place it can be for students.  Both vice principals certainly agree on the following: their job would be boring without the students. They see potential in all students, and they are making it a point to get to know each new freshman this school year.