Earn Up to 7 College Credits for FREE!

We want you to be aware of a great opportunity for your junior or senior to earn FREE college credits in the area of Construction Management at Harrisburg High School. Tuition and fees for these courses, totaling seven Southeast Tech credits (and one full High School credit), will be covered by the Harrisburg School District.  If your student has an interest in working towards their Construction Management degree, this is an excellent opportunity for them to earn college and High School credit and gain experience from an Southeast Tech Instructor, all at the High School.  Please see the information below to register for these courses through STI.  Please submit the online application and return the form to Dana Bigge by Friday, December 13th.

Course Registration Process:
1.  Visit Southeast Tech website
2.  Click “Sign UP”
3.  Fill out the information.
4. For the Course Selection Information, type the following course codes into the box, one code per line:
                CMT 101/ Construction Basics/ HHS
                CMT 101L/ Construction Basics Lab/ HHS
                CMT 110/ Construction Equipment/ HHS
                CMT 110L/ Construction Equipment Lab/ HHS
                DT 102/ Print Reading for Construction/ HHS

5.  Submit the Online Application when completed
6.  Complete the Technical School Approval Form
7.  At this point, we need the signed form.  You can drop these off at the High School front office, or you can email them to Renee.Rebnord@k12.sd.us  or Dana.Bigge@k12.sd.us