​The Library: Not a Silent Place

Inside Harrisburg High School, the library is restless. Heart-like, it pumps and circulates knowledge, information, and literature for enjoyment and schoolwork alike. It is never silent, always humming with activity, pulsing with movement. Mrs. Langerock, the high school librarian, stated, “It’s certainly not a ‘quiet’ library that might come to mind when you think of stereotypical libraries of the past.” She depicts Harrisburg's library as one where students flourish, reclining and reading as music flits through the air.

The students are free to shift between book-laden shelves and peruse the available books, which are compiled by library staff, including Mrs. Langerock. Among all the obligations associated with being a librarian, Mrs. Langerock finds encouraging literary tendencies in students to be simultaneously the most difficult yet rewarding due to its individual-specific implications. Her other activities include researching new selections for the library, assisting teachers in augmenting their curriculums with library resources, and imbibing the school with the most desirable atmosphere for academics. She comments, “I love providing a space in the building that is a central meeting place for all students. We try to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome...” while remarking that being the librarian is “really the best job in the school!”

The novel Freshman Academy hosts a library unique to itself; the collection is oriented towards the 9th grade, although the given selection is slightly smaller in volume due to its literature’s specifications. Even with its limitations in mind, the newer library still possesses a considerable variety of subject matter procured from both various library magazines and Book Award lists. Mrs. Langerock elaborates, “Some of the books will be crossovers of titles we have at the high school, but mostly it’s a separate collection,” and later characterizes it as a “satellite library.” With her deeply involved position and many tasks—arranging books, coaxing students into reading, and assisting teachers—Mrs. Langerock has no time for idleness as the library continues to develop and grow to suit the needs of students and teachers alike.