HHS BandHarrisburg High School’s Marching Band is a school and teacher-led activity in which students show skill and support local sports teams. HHS Band students are given a choice whether or not to participate; however, they are encouraged to join. Mr. Groon, one of the marching band instructors, shares that that there are 55 students in marching band. He affirms that the biggest hardship of hosting marching band was establishing the program, yet he explains how lucky the marching band program was to have enthusiastic students who have really bought in. One marching band student, senior Mia Adams, fondly remarks, “We all feel like a family towards the end.” 

In interviewing people involved in the marching band program, Mr. Groon and Mia explained an average band practice. The marching band must first make sure they are playing in tune and they are all on the same page as well as make sure the program and music sound good. There are many different warm ups the band can do, such as basic marching or a musical warm up. They then proceed with running through the show until the end of practice. Some people in marching band really enjoy doing the drills because it makes the band feel more like a team, and they start to feel like a “Band Fam” as Mia Adams states. Harrisburg High School’s Marching Band is really a sight to behold. They put hours of time and effort in all that they do, and it shows based on their achievements earned throughout their 2018 season. Though the season is over, participants look forward to next fall.