Riley Bingham

Harrisburg High School has many rewarding extracurricular activities and sports, such as volleyball, football, or basketball. However, the school also offers a class to keep up with these activities and keep everyone informed, both near and far, while providing technical support and camera crews at their games; Tiger Vision is the name of the class, and it is run by Craig Imme, a teacher here at HHS.

Tiger Vision is a positive class, as it can expose students to potential career opportunities and encourage students to involve themselves outside of the school day. When asked about the advantages of Tiger Vision, Mr. Imme states, “Joining tiger vision allows students the opportunity to learn about videography, instant replay, Dak Stats, graphics, wireless headsets, and equipment and preparation for activities such as football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, concerts, plays, Veterans Day program, and or graduation.” He states that the class has motivated several of his students to look for carriers in the film industry; others are pursuing public broadcasting, the directing of sporting events included among these.

Mr. Imme went on to explain that Tiger Vision teaches students skills such as “...operating a video camera including its iris, white balance, focus, ND filters and the basics of how to shoot a sporting activity. These basics include knowing when to zoom, keeping the movement of the camera steady and smooth, and knowing how to follow the action…” He also says that the class has multiple other classes incorporated in it: Media production 1 and 2, which give a more in-depth look at filming.

Overall, it was made clear through Mr. Imme’s feedback that Tiger Vision is a purposeful class for any student who may want to further pursue careers involving these skill sets or even for those who would just like to learn videography and gain skills that can benefit them later in life.