senior wrap up

Important Dates for Seniors

Senior Checkout Information

Get a checkout sheet from your TAP Advisor on Friday, May 6th. Do not lose your Senior Checkout Sheet!

Use your Senior Checkout Sheet to do the following:


What To Do:

Your Teachers

Each of your teachers will sign-off on your sheet indicating the course is complete and all materials have been turned in.

Your TAP Teacher

  • Your TAP Teacher will sign-off on the following items:

    • The Senior Exit Survey

      • Use the link from SurveyMonkey and Michael Amolins sent to your Harrisburg email account to complete (the link is specific to you) on MAY 6th.

      • Check your spam/junk folders if you do not find it, otherwise contact JoAnne VerMulm AFTER MAY 6TH.

    • Alumni Website Registration

      • Use the directions sent to your Harrisburg email from Mrs. Bass or on Canvas on April 6th.

    • Senior Project

The Library

  • A librarian will provide a signature indicating all books have been turned in and/or fees have been paid.

The Tech Department

  • DO NOT turn in your MacBook until you have completed the Senior Exit Survey, Alumni Website Registration and have completed all semester exams/courses.

  • Stop by any Tech Window ((C101, H170, and Near Library) to turn in your computer

  • Have a Tech Department staff member sign-off that all technology has been checked in and all fees have been paid.

  • Attending Summer School? Keep your MacBook until courses are complete.

    • No warranty inspection or payment needed if finishing during Summer School.

  • Returning in the Fall? Seniors who may be returning in the fall should pay the device user fee and complete the tech inspection.

Your Locker (if applicable)

  • Have a nearby teacher sign-off on your locker, which should be clean and empty.

Your Counselor

  • Credit Check and Counselor Sign-Off

A Principal

  • THIS IS YOUR LAST STOP! Turn in your completed Checkout Sheet to a principal. 🏁

Important Dates for Seniors

Semester Test Dates

G-Day: Monday, May 9th; I-Day: Tuesday, May 10th

Incomplete Courses? - Seniors are REQUIRED to attend school through the end of the year to finish incomplete coursework.

Baccalaureate Practice*

Wednesday, May 11th, 8 AM, HHS PAC

This is a worship service put on by the class and is optional. If you are going to attend the ceremony, please attend practice.

Senior Awards Ceremony*

Wednesday, May 11th, 10 AM, HHS PAC

  • If applicable, students will receive their honor cords and medallions at this ceremony. Seniors should plan on attending this event to receive these items as they will need them for the graduation ceremony.

  • We will hold a Senior Awards ceremony recognizing seniors for multiple accomplishments during their HS career and some HHS awards.

    Ceremony will be held 10 AM on Wednesday May 11th in the HHS PAC. YouTube Video

  • Please submit any awards you would like honored at the ceremony - Senior Awards Form.

  • This is any award that a senior has earned that was not honored at another banquet (i.e., a sports banquet or organizational banquet). These are normally honors from the post high school institution they are attending and scholarships.

  • Families are welcome to attend and can come through the main doors at the high school after 9:45 AM.


Wednesday May 11th, 6:30 PM, HHS PAC

This is an optional worship service put on by the class of 2022 and attendance is optional. 

  • The service will be at 6:30pm in the HHS PAC on Wednesday May 11th. 

    If taking part in the ceremony you are required to attend practice Wednesday (5/11) morning at 8:00 AM.

  • YouTube Video

  • Wear Graduation Gown & Stole

graduation gown stole

REQUIRED Graduation Practice

Friday, May 13th, 8 AM, HHS Gymnasium

  • Wear Graduation Gown & Stole, Cap &


graduation gown stole

Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, May 15th, 1 PM, Sioux Falls Arena

  • Doors will open to the public at 12:00 PM

  • All guests will sit in the upper bowl of the arena.

  • The arena will perform bag checks upon entry.

  • Attached is a diagram of the Arena set-up for our ceremony.

  • Only graduates and school faculty will be allowed on the main floor.

  • Students will sit in alphabetical order by last name

  • Students A - L will sit on the right side of the arena (Sections L-S).

  • Students M - Z will sit on the left side of the arena (Sections A-G)

  • ADA Accessible seating are in Sections A and L and the South end of the arena.

  • We will have a photographer get a processional picture and receiving their diploma.

    These will be made available to the public.