Senior Checkout

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Important Dates for Seniors

Finalizing Classes

  • Seniors are welcome to come in May 12th – 14th and May 17th – 20th to work on schoolwork.

Baccalaureate Practice* Wednesday, May 12, 8 AM, HHS PAC

  • This is a worship service put on by the class and is optional. If you are going to attend the ceremony, please attend practice.

Senior Awards Ceremony* Wednesday, May 12, 9:30 AM, HHS PAC

  • We will hold a Senior Awards ceremony recognizing seniors for multiple accomplishments during their HS career and some HHS awards.

    Ceremony will be held 9:30am on Wednesday May 12th in the HHS PAC.

  • Please submit any awards you would like honored at the ceremony - Senior Awards Form.

  • This is any award that a senior has earned that was not honored at another banquet (i.e., a sports banquet or organizational banquet). These are normally honors from the post high school institution they are attending and scholarships.

  • Families are welcome to attend and can come through the main doors at the high school after 9:15am.

  • Mask will be recommended in the building and required if sitting within 6 feet of others.

Baccalaureate* Wednesday May 12, 6:30 PM, HHS PAC

  • This is an optional worship service put on by the class of 2021 and attendance is optional. 

    The service will be at 6:30pm in the HHS PAC on Wednesday May 12th. 

    If taking part in the ceremony you are required to attend practice Wednesday (5/12) morning at 8:00am.

REQUIRED Graduation Practice Friday, May 14, 8 AM, HHS Gymnasium

Graduation Ceremony Sunday, May 16, 1 PM, Sioux Falls Arena

  • Doors will open to the public at 12:00pm

  • All guests will sit in the upper bowl of the arena.

  • Masks are recommended for the ceremony.

  • The arena will perform bag checks upon entry.

    Attached is a diagram of the Arena set-up for our ceremony.

  • Only graduates and school faculty will be allowed on the main floor.

  • Students will sit in alphabetical order by last name

    Students A - K will sit on the right side of the arena (Sections L-S).

    Students L - Z will sit on the left side of the arena (Sections A-G)

  • ADA Accessible seating are in Sections A and L and the South end of the arena.

  • We will have a photographer get a processional picture and receiving their diploma.

    These will be made available to the public.

βœ… Senior Checkout Information

Get a checkout sheet from the office on May 3rd. Do not lose your Senior Checkout Sheet!

Use your Senior Checkout Sheet to do the following:


Your Teachers

Your TAP Teacher

The Library

The Tech Department

Your Locker (if applicable)

A Principal

What To Do:

Each of your teachers will sign-off on your sheet indicating the course is complete and all materials have been turned in.

  • Your TAP Teacher will sign-off on the following items:

    • The Senior Exit Survey

      • Use the link from SurveyMonkey and Michael Amolins sent to your Harrisburg email account to complete (the link is specific to you) on May 3rd.

      • Check your spam/junk folders if you do not find it, otherwise contact JoAnne VerMulm

    • Alumni Website Registration

      • Use the directions sent to your Harrisburg email from JoAnne VerMulm on May 3rd.

    • Senior Project

  • A librarian will provide a signature indicating all books have been turned in and/or fees have been paid.

  • DO NOT turn in your MacBook until you have completed the Senior Exit Survey, Alumni Website Registration and have completed all semester exams/courses.

  • Stop by any Tech Window to turn in your computer

  • Have a Tech Department staff member sign-off that all technology has been checked in and all fees have been paid.

  • Attending Summer School? Keep your MacBook until courses are complete.

    • No update, warranty inspection, or payment needed if finishing during Summer School.

  • Returning in the Fall? Seniors who may be returning in the fall should complete the computer Check-In process.

  • Have a nearby teacher sign-off on your locker, which should be clean and empty.

  • THIS IS YOUR LAST STOP! Turn in your completed Checkout Sheet to a principal. 🏁

πŸ“š Summer School

Summer School Information will be released in the coming weeks.